I use my experience to help YOU reach your goals

During my years as a personal trainer, I have helped hundreds of people change their lives. My knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for helping others achieve their goals is growing daily as I continue to learn about what our bodies can do.

From 2006 to 2012, I was an Army Commando in the Royal Engineers. Whilst serving, I played rugby and water polo. I also competed in cross country, half marathons (one in the desert), triathlons and a biathlon – 400 miles north of the arctic circle, amongst other things.

Since leaving the military and becoming a personal trainer, I have run ultra-marathons barefoot, completed a sky running race and been on ITV’S Ninja Warrior. To keep myself in condition, I now combine yoga, walking, running, climbing, calisthenics and swimming. I have been running barefoot for over two years and I am currently working on speed training for a fast 5 and 10 k run this year.

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