I am not sure I’m fit enough to start sessions. What is a good gauge?

 It really doesn’t matter how fit you currently feel.  You will be training with me to improve your fitness. So it will always be progressive in some aspect.

Do I have to be training for a particular event or thing to start sessions?

You don’t have to be training for an event ” however you might have the intention to do one”.  People work out, simply because it makes them feel good.

I’m a little bit scared… what is your advice to start training with anxiety?

Tell me about it.

The better my understanding of YOUR needs, the more comfortable I can make the session

What if I have an injury, or am recovering from an injury?

 If you have an injury or are recovering from one. Please let me know about it.  We can work through a step by step plan to get you back to 100%

Do you only train strength or cardio too?

I do all types of training (usually always a few elements)  so it’s not just strength or cardio, but mobility, flexibility and  coordination.

What sort of goals do your clients have?

Since being a personal trainer I’ve worked with people simply to improve their health and fitness. Some to the point of running 100 miles!

I don’t have definite goals. Can you still train me, and maybe help with designing some?

If you don’t have any goals, I can help you find some. It’s my speciality

What sort of exercises do you do during bootcamps?

In boot camp we do all sorts of moves and exercises. We could be practising squats to learning how to scale a 9ft wall.

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