So many of you have had a traumatic experience with how sports are taught at school, and I’m here to remedy that. 

Training with me will be safe and most importantly, positive and fun. I was in the army but don’t think for one second that I’m the kind of personal trainer who will shout at you and make you feel small and unable! On the contrary, I love helping my clients overcome their limiting beliefs about themselves and their capabilities, and I want them to create a healthy and loving relationship with movement. 

  • All my clients get access to a private community group on Facebook – where you will find tailor made yoga and stretch videos just for you, be able to ask questions, and make friends with the other trainees!


  • If you haven’t already, I can help you by setting goals; and by making them specific and setting time frames, we can make sure we keep on track so that we are consistently winning throughout your journey.


  • I will motivate you throughout your workout and 24/7 through online support to help ensure you stay focused and driven.  I will also teach you how to safely and effectively train yourself.
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