As more and more people go vegan, more and more athletes do too. Being vegan and training is not a problem at all.

I went vegan in 2014 and within weeks noticed a considerable reduction in my recovery time after training. I also noticed an increase in energy, less bloating after meals and a general improvement to my mood.

If you are interested in trying a diet change I can suggest books, documentaries and websites, on how to train while being vegan, and how to transition from a non plant-based diet to a plant-based diet.

There is absolutely no worry to have about lacking nutrients or protein, and you can have a healthy vegan diet without consuming protein powders.

The science speaks for itself now and you can see that professional athletes in every sport have taken on this diet, including Venus and Serena Williams (Tennis), David Haye (Boxing), Scott Jurek (Ultra marathon runner), Nick and Nate Diaz (UFC), David Smith (Olympic Rower), Tia Blanco (Pro Surfer) and Lewis Hamilton (F1).

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